About Ken Baxter Las Vegas


Las Vegas executive Ken Baxter has been a leader in the city’s real estate sector for more than 20 years. The owner of PMA Realty, which he founded in Salt Lake City in 1973, he relocated to Las Vegas in 1990 and quickly became one of the city’s leading real estate professionals. Over the past four decades, Ken Baxter and PMA Realty have completed more than 56,000 home sales.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Mr. Baxter enjoys hunting and fine dining, as well as philanthropy and travel. In 2012, he traveled to the Amazon. The trip not only raised his awareness of the impact of climate change on the environment, but inspired him to found the nonprofit organization Green Global. He also intends to travel to outer space, and bought the first ticket from Virgin Galactic, a company working to make public space tourism a reality. At home, he donates his time to chairing the Eagle Scout Recognition Committee, which provides America’s future leaders the chance to visit Nellis Air Force Base and enjoy a private show with the USAF Thunderbirds.




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